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360iSight™ Customized EBrochures

 EBrochure Key features:

*Distributable via email, cdrom, floppy etc
*Series of iPIX images
*Still images
*No extra software or plug-in required
*A standalone self-running file (.exe)
*Easy to use
*Text for detailed info
*Hyperlinked contact details and logo
The ebrochure is currently only viewable on a Windows PC and is an executable file.

Click on any of the below listed EBrochures to  download our latest technology...
360iSight_EBrochure.exe or LubbockEBrochure.exe or SacramentoModelEBrochure.exe and
Circle_K_EBrochure.exe or CircleKEBrochure.txt

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